Favorite Finds – My School Car Tags Solution

Car tags y’all. This was me last year picking up four kids from the same school.

All aboard this hot mess express. ::choo choo::

The school prints them on this perfect little paper that has a place to tear out the hole so it can hang from your rearview mirror. It’s so precious. Somewhere out there, there are moms, dads, grandmas, aunts, nannies picking up just one kid from a school.  That mom is not me.

I have tried all sorts of solutions for hanging 2-4 car tags in my windshield.  First I tried a hanger with clips.  It worked, but that hanger was bulky and always in my way in the car.  The next thing I tried was what you see above which consisted of hanging one of the tags the traditional way and using binder clips and suction cups to attach the rest to the first.  Its just…a lot.  Too many pieces.  Too much set up.

This year I was determined to find a better solution.  I think I have! It’s early in the school year, so I guess it could still be a bust, but it’s promising y’all.  Small, simple, adaptable.  Some days I will be picking up 3 kids. Some days only 2.  Plus you never know when a friend will need an occasional favor, and I have huge flippin’ car y’all.  The more the merrier.

So, without further ado, here they are. I was just thinking I wish there was a suction cup with a clip.

::Pulls up Amazon.com::
::Searches “suction cup with clip”::

Amazon is a magical place. It knows my hearts desires.  It has already gathered all the things of my dreams before I even imagine them.  It knows me.  Of course, you may have already been aware of such a product’s existence and may have seen it in an average store (think Target, WalMart). But I hadn’t, and finding these felt serendipitous.

Look 👀! It is a thing of beauty. I laminated my boys tags together with an empty spot in the middle. Then my nephews is laminated on its own. When I pick him up I can just slip his in the middle and it all hangs on the one clip. For any unforeseen extra kids I’ll just have to carry an extra clip but that’s easy enough 💁🏻‍♀️.

Y’all. This makes me happy. Gone are the days of willy nilly car tag placement.  Gone are the days of fumbling with a complicated hanging system as the teacher with the walkie talkie stares at you exhaustedly. The future is here and it is bright. Hallelujah! Amen! (Too enthusiastic?…Nah.)