Favorite Finds – My Perfect Summer Hat

Every so often I stumble on a product that love and use over and over and over. Sometimes it’s through the referral of a blogger or influencer. Sometimes (like in this instance) it’s from endlessly browsing the internet in search of something I’ve been needing (or just wanting). This summer I wanted a cute hat with a wide brim and UPF protection that didn’t cost $1M!

I’m here to tell you that I found it. It was perfect for any outdoor activity and since it wasn’t so expensive, I wasn’t scared to wear it to the beach, lake, or anywhere.

You can click the image below to find it on Amazon!!

Genuine product referrals are one of my favorite things on social media. I have had many compliments and so many of my friends also own this hat now. We love it. So, I thought you might too.