Freezer Sandwiches

I posted on Instagram about my kids’ lunch hack of freezer sandwiches.  I originally got the idea from pins on Pinterest for DIY Uncrustables.  In case you don’t know what those are because you live under a rock (or most likely just don’t have young kids), they are frozen  little peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that have been cut into a circle shape and sealed around the edges (and consequently don’t have any crust).  They are very convenient for busy days and hungry kids.  They only take an hour to thaw at room temp.  They’re a wonderfully convenient product.  However, you don’t get to control the quality of ingredients and you are paying a premium on what is normally an cheap sandwich.

Some genius ladies have discovered you can make your regular PB&J’s at home (to your own degree of nutrition or cost or whatever), seal them with a sandwich cutter (similar to this one but I have seen them at the grocery store on the bread aisle for much cheaper) and it works exactly the same way.  Boom!  I love the internet and all the knowledge we can share. They are a staple in our house.


After two or three batches of these crust-less sandwiches, I noticed how much waste I was making with the trimmings.  I hate to waste food….and time.  Cutting the sandwiches was an extra step.  One loaf of bread makes 10 sandwiches and that’s 10 actions I realized I could eliminate.  So, from then on, no more cutting the crusts.  The sandwich not being sealed did not effect the outcome.  The only thing different was my kids complaining. LOL.  But, it’s a harsh world out there and this is just one of the many gentle ways I can teach them about disappointment. 😉

The process is simple, make your sandwiches like normal. Bag them in sandwich baggies and then put the individual bagged sandwiches in a gallon sized freezer bag. Then…freeze. I would plan to use them within a month. With 4 kids this is not a problem in my house.


Here’s a SUPER SECRET TIP I’ve discovered. This trick works for meat sandwiches too. 🤭 My oldest started parting ways with PB&J this past Summer. So, I did a trial Turkey and Mayo Freezer Sandwich. It WORKED!! Also Ham and Cheese works. My only side note is that the meats sometimes need a tad bit longer to thaw. So if we set them in the fridge the night before, they are perfect by lunch.

A few people have asked me how much time does it really save me? Doesn’t it take the same amount of time to make a sandwich whether you’ve made one or ten? Well, kind of, but not really. Factually speaking, if I get all the ingredients out one time and make 10 sandwiches, I’ve saved multiple trips to pantry and fridge. So…there’s that. But, also it is 10,000 times easier to do chores when my precious monkeys are not around (like in the morning before school). I am like a super efficient super woman when I’m not interrupted 1,000,000 times. So, I make 10-20 sandwiches at a time after they go to bed and I save so much time and stress and chore time while the kids are awake. 🙌🏻 Halleluyer!

Do you have any hacks for keeping life with kids easier? I love tip sharing!

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